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You will never be bored in Lipno. Take advantage of the hotel’s wellness facilities, which include an indoor pool, a whirlpool and saunas. If you like active relaxation, you can enhance it in the hotel’s fitness centre.
We are situated in a unique location on the banks of the Lipno Lake with its own sandy beach, sports complex, bike and boat rental, bike ferry and marina.
The entire resort is surrounded by natural beauty, historical monuments and a variety of sports and active recreation opportunities.

Tips on trips

The backbone cycling route “Lipenská magistrála” is 58.5 km long. All routes run on roads with minimal traffic and some parts are for cyclists and pedestrians only. Well-marked cycle routes connect the quiet, natural area of the right bank of the dam with the left bank, which has facilities and services to satisfy even the most demanding visitors.
The cycle paths will take you to the main tourist centres around the Lipno lake with the necessary services and facilities for a pleasant active holiday; they will also take you to all the natural and cultural attractions of this beautiful area.

Cycle routes of Lipno (within 2 km)

The area around the Lipno lake is a paradise for cyclists. There is a system of six interconnected cycle routes in the Lipno region.

Vítkův Hrádek (within 4 km)

Witek’s Stone or Witek’s Castle (German: Wittigstein or Wittinghausen) is a ruin of a Gothic castle on top of the mountain of the same name on the right bank of the Lipno lake. This castle is the highest castle (or ruin) in the Czech Republic (1 035 m above sea level).

The castle was founded by the Vítkovci (a Czech noble clan from southern Bohemia) in the 13th century and served as a border fortress and administrative centre of the estate. The first written mention of the castle dates back to 1347. At the beginning of the 14th century, the castle became the property of the Rosenbergs, who owned it until the beginning of the 17th century, with a short break during the Hussite Wars. In 1394, King Wenceslas IV was imprisoned here. During the reign of the Rosenbergs, walls with five bastions were added to the original castle. Then it belonged to the Krumlov estate and the Eggenberg family and at the beginning of the 18th century it was acquired by the Schwarzenbergs. The castle was used and maintained until about the middle of the 18th century, after which it was abandoned after burning down. In 1869 the Schwarzenbergs partially rebuilt the castle and the castle tower was also converted into a lookout tower. After World War II, when the Šumava border region was inaccessible, it was used by the state air defence. An anti-aircraft observation tower was set up in the tower and a military garrison was established in the castle.

In addition to the unique view from the 40 metre tower, many adventurous experiences await you on the 675 meter long walkway. All this makes the walkway an ideal destination for active visitors, families and seniors. Thanks to its wheelchair-accessible design, the walkway is suitable for all visitors. The Treetop Walkway Lipno offers a completely new type of leisure activity. The trail ends with a 40 metre high lookout tower, which is the real highlight of the trail. The lookout tower offers a fantastic view of almost the entire Lipno lake, Bohemian Forest and the Gratzen Mountains.

Treetop Walkway Lipno (less than 12 km)

The first treetop walkway in the Czech Republic offers visitors a unique combination of experiences. The trail is sensitively integrated into the landscape around the Lipno lake.

Rožmberk Castle (less than 21 km)

Rožmberk (German: Rosenberg) is a castle in the villages of Rožmberk and Vltava in the Český Krumlov district in the South Bohemian Region. It is the oldest Rožmberk manor. It is currently owned by the state and administered by the National Heritage Institute.

The first written mention of the castle and its founder Wok of Rožmberk dates back to 1250. Until 1302 Rožmberk was the main seat of the leading Czech noble family of Rožmberk. Even after moving to Krumlov, which they acquired from the Lords of Krumlov, the Rožmberk family continued to develop the castle.
After Český Krumlov, Hluboká and Červená Lhota castles, Rožmberk Castle is the fourth most visited monument among 13 cultural monuments managed by the National Heritage Institute in the South Bohemia Region.


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